Who we are

DalzeStore team welcomes you and thanks you for your trust in it, and Dalzestore tells you that out of its keenness and full awareness that the user has rights, DalzeStore seeks to preserve the information of users in accordance with the mechanism of the privacy policy and confidentiality of information in force in the store. Dalles Store therefore makes it clear to you that the privacy policy and confidentiality of the information under which your information will be treated is as.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

1. Personal information about the user, such as name, age, e-mail, national ID number or residence number.
2. The user’s personal login information, such as username, password, email, password retrieval question and answer.
3. The nature of the online platform may impose certain information related to cookies for electronic purposes that facilitate dealings between the store and the user.

Does DalzeStore share this information?

1. Of course, DalzeStore seeks to retain this information in a way that preserves the privacy of the user, and the Dalzestore does not retain this information except for the purpose of improving the quality of the online store and facilitating dealings between the Dalzestore and the user.
2. As a general rule, all such information is only shared by the storekeepers, and they will not publish or broadcast it to third parties.
3. As Dalles Store strives to keep users safe, in the event that Dal’s Store notices any irregular or illegal activity carried out by the User, Dalles Store may notify the competent authorities.

How secure is the confidentiality of the store’s information?

DalzeStore seeks the confidentiality of information and users’ privacy policy and will not violate the provisions of these rules and policy. However, as this cannot be guaranteed 100% via the Internet, Dalzestore team notes the following:
Dal’s Store strives to preserve all user information and not to be seen by anyone in contravention of this DalzeStore policy.
The Dal’s store protects this information by means of a “basket platform” protected by electronic protection systems “two software systems or software.
However, since the Internet cannot be 100% guaranteed for any penetration or viruses that may occur on the electronic security systems and on the firewalls in force in the Dal’s store and in partnership with the Dalzestore basket platform, users are advised to keep their information strictly confidential, and not to disclose any information that the user deems very important to him, and this is in order to guide and guide users in the Dales store.

Is there a third party in the relationship between the Dales store and the merchant?

The Privacy Policy herein sets out in relation to cases where there is a third party, such as marketers, technologists, consumers, and any other person associated with the relationship.

Rules and Conditions of Use of Dales Store

All of DalzeStore obligations, all of users’ obligations, and all rights contained in the relationship between the user or consumer and the DalzeStore, are here https://mci.gov.sa/ar/ECC/Pages/default.aspx as these rules are the “Privacy and Confidentiality of Information Policy” and emanate from the agreement concluded between the User and the DalzeStore regarding the statutory and legal relationship between them, and the privacy policy and confidentiality of information have been established to ensure the credibility and trust that the Dalles Store is keen to provide to users.

Introduction to the Usage Agreement

Our online store welcomes you, (Commercial Registrar from the Ministry of Commerce with the number “1014100593”), and informs you that you will find below the terms and conditions governing your use of this store and all the legal consequences that result from your use of the services of the store via the Internet through this electronic platform, as the use of anyone who has been to the Dales store, whether he is a consumer of a service or a product of the store or otherwise, this is an approval and acceptance by him and is in full capacity considered legitimate, legal and legal for all materials and provisions of these The Agreement is a confirmation of your commitment to its regulations and to what is mentioned therein, and this Agreement applies to all types of dealings between the User and the Store except for transactions related to personal status and transactions related to the issuance of instruments related to the actions contained on the property. This Agreement shall be deemed valid and effective once you have approved it and commenced registration at Dalz Store under Article X of the Saudi Electronic Transactions Law.

Article I – Introduction and definitions

The above preamble is an integral part of this Agreement, as you will find below the connotations and definitions of the main terms used in this Agreement:
1. (Store) means Dalz Store, and this definition includes all forms of Dalz Store on the Internet, whether it is an electronic application, a website, or a commercial store.
2. (User) This term means any consumer who purchases a product or service from the store through its electronic platform.
3. (Agreement) means the terms and conditions of this Agreement, which govern and regulate the relationship between the parties to this Agreement.

Article II – Legal Eligibility of the User

1. The User acknowledges that he has the legal capacity to deal with the Store, or that he is at least eighteen years of age.
2. The User agrees that in the event of a violation of this Article, he shall bear the consequences of such violation before third parties.

Article III – The nature of the obligation of the Dalezstore

1. Dalzestore’s obligation to consumers or users is to provide (service or product).
2. Dal’s store may provide other services such as after-sales services or other related services, due to the nature and type (service or product) required of the user.

Article IV – Controls for the use of the Dales Store

1. The user is obliged to use the online platform of Dal’s store in accordance with the public morals and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
2. When purchasing a Dalzestore service or product, the user is obliged not to use this service or product in violation of public morals and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or globally. 

Article V – Accounts and registration obligations:

Once you apply to join Dalz Store as a user, you are obliged to disclose specific information and choose a username and password to use when accessing the store’s services, and you have agreed to:
1. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and password confidentiality, and you hereby agree to notify DalzeStore immediately of any unauthorized use of your account information with the Store or any other breach of your Confidential Information.

2. In no event will Dalzestore be liable for any loss that may occur to you directly or indirectly, morally or materially, as a result of the disclosure of your username or password information.
3. You are obliged to use your Dal’s account or membership yourself, as you are fully responsible for it, and if others use it, this is a presumption that you have authorized it to use the store in your name and account.
4. When using the DalzeStore you are obliged to use it with all seriousness and credibility
5. You are obligated to disclose true, true, up-to-date, complete and legal information about yourself as required during registration with dalzeStore and you are obliged to update your data in changing it in fact or in the event that it is necessary to do so.

6. Dalles is committed to treating your personal information and contact addresses with strict confidentiality.
7. If Dal’s Store finds that you have disclosed information that is untrue, incorrect, not current, incomplete, illegal or in violation of the Terms of Use, Dalles Store has the right to suspend, freeze or cancel your membership or store and account on the platform, without prejudice to Dalls’ other rights and legitimate means of recovering its rights and protecting other users.
8. In the event of non-compliance with any of the above, DalzeStore Management has the right to suspend or cancel your store or membership or block you from accessing DalzeStore Services again.

Article VI – Electronic Communications and Official Means of Communication

1. The parties to this Agreement agree that communication shall be made via e-mail registered in the Store.
2. The User agrees that all agreements, declarations, data and other communications supplied by it electronically shall take the place of their written counterparts, which is a stand-alone argument, in meeting the statutory and legitimate needs.

3. The User agrees that you may communicate with him and notify him of any provisions relating to this Agreement or relating to dealing with him through the transmission by Dalze Store Administration of public messages that are received to all users or to specific users of DalzeStore.

Article VII – Amendments to the Agreement on Use and Fees

1. Dalzestore may notify you of any amendment to this Agreement in accordance with the official means of communication under this Agreement, under which your obligations will be doubled, or your rights diminished in accordance with any amendments that may be made to this Agreement.
2. In the event of an objection to any amendment to the Agreement of Use, Dal’s Store hopes that you will stop using its services as the mere fact that you access your Dal’s Store account or use the Dal’s Store constitutes your acceptance of the amendments and your full and undue consent, and Dal’s Store accepts the discussion in any proposal regarding these Terms.

3. All fees are calculated in Saudi Riyals, and the user must pay all fees due in the store plus any other expenses added by Dal’s store, provided that payment is made by the approved and specified means available through the store
4. The DalzeStore may charge some users depending on the offers, products or services they request, or the fees or taxes imposed by the state on the nature of the product or service.
5. Dal’s reserves the right to add, increase, reduce or deduct any fees or expenses under the Terms, Terms and Conditions of the Usage Agreement, on any of the Users whatever the reason for their registration.

Article VIII – Payment and Payment Services for Stores in DalzeStore

1. Dalz Store through its partners provides a payment and payment system in Dalz Store, which can be done completely online through the payment options available on the store or through any payment method provided in the store from time to time.
2. Dalles is obliged to determine the price of the service or product it displays in its store according to the recognized market value
3. Dalzestore is obliged to provide invoices, receivables and receipt bonds for all amounts and profits that arise in its store, and is obliged to send the user an invoice for his purchase of a service or product in the Dalzestore
4. Dal’s store is committed to providing the accounting specifications recognized in its online store, in application of the provisions of this Agreement, and because of the legal, economic, commercial and regulatory interests in this organization.

Article IX – Your Personal Information and Transaction Detail Information

1. The User acknowledges that he grants the DalzeStore an unlimited, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, exempt, and licensed right to use information, personal materials or otherwise provided or provided by the Basket Platform and the DalzeStore or advertised on the Platform through your joining or use of it, through the forms designated for communication and registration, or through any email or any of the communication channels available on the Platform. This is with the aim of achieving any of the interests that the platform deems appropriate.
2. The provisions of confidentiality of consumer information shall be governed by the rules of the “Privacy and Confidentiality of Information Policy” of DalzeStore and the provisions of this Agreement relating to the confidentiality of information.

Article X – Intellectual Property

1. The intellectual property rights of the DalzeStore are the property rights of Dal’s Store in full ownership, whether owned by them before or after the establishment of this online platform.
2. The User or Consumer respects the intellectual property rights of the Dalz Store, including the Dal’s Store itself, and the words, logos and other symbols of the Dal’s Store or displayed on the Dalz Store as the Dalz Store, and each right belonging to the Dalz Store, are the full intellectual property rights of the Dal’s Store.
In addition, the store is obliged to preserve the rights of products that are not relevant to the store.

Article XI – Responsibility of DalzeStore:

1. Dalzestore is committed to conducting its business through this electronic platform in a regular manner and in accordance with the regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.
2. Dal’s Store shall not bear any claims arising from errors or negligence, whether they are caused directly, indirectly, incidentally, by the User or by a third party such as shipping companies.
3. Dalzestore, its employees, owners and their representatives are committed to the product or service being sound, legitimate and authorized in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and used for legitimate purposes.

Article XII – Confidentiality of Information

1. DalzeStore takes standards (concrete, organizational and technical) to protect users and prevent an unauthorized person from accessing and preserving users’ personal information.
2. You acknowledge as a user that the Internet is not a completely secure means, and the confidentiality of your personal information cannot be 100% guaranteed via the Dal’s Store.
3. DalzeStore has no control over the actions of any third party, or third party, such as other web pages connected by links to the Platform or third parties claiming to represent you and others.

4. You know and agree that the DalzeStore may use the information you have provided to it, for the purpose of providing services to you in the Dal’s Store, and to send you marketing messages, and that the privacy in the Store controls the collection, processing, use and transfer of your personal identity information, and the rules of confidentiality of information are subject to the “Privacy and Confidentiality of Information Policy” of the DalzeStore.

Article XIII – Restriction of Access or Membership:

DalzeStore can suspend or cancel the user’s membership or restrict the user’s access to the platform’s services at any time, without notice, for any reason, and without limitation.

Article XIV – Replacement Policy

1. Without prejudice to the provisions of the Agreement and Statutory Warranty, the Consumer shall have the right to replace the Product provided to him by the DalzeStore within seven days following the date of receipt of the Product and shall not be entitled to replace the Product after the 7 days.
2. To replace the product, the product must be in proper condition and the consumer has not used the product or obtained its benefit, and Dal’s store has the right to inspect the product before replacing it to ensure its safety.

Article XV – Refund Policy:

1. Without prejudice to the provisions of the Convention and Statutory Warranty, the consumer shall have the right to terminate the contract and return the product provided to him by Dalzestore within seven days following the date of receipt of the product and shall not be entitled to such product after the passage of seven days.
2. To return the product, the product must be in proper condition and the consumer has not used the product or obtained its benefit, and Dal’s store has the right to inspect the product before returning it to ensure its safety.
3. The consumer is not entitled to return the product in the following cases:
If the product was manufactured at the request of the consumer or according to the specifications specified by him, except for products that have a defect or that have violated the specifications specified by the consumer.If the product is videos, CDs, CDs, or information programs that have been used.
If the product is newspapers, magazines, publications, books or other writings that are considered to be literature.
If a defect in the product appears due to the consumer’s mispossession.
If the contract deals with the provision of shelter, transportation or feeding services.
If the contract deals with the purchase of software download products online.
If the product carries a single-use code or code.

4. If the provisions of the said return policy are met, the consumer has the right to terminate the contract and return the product to the Dalzestore with a refund.

Article XVI – Applicable Law or Regulation:

This Agreement of Use is governed by and drafted in accordance with the laws, regulations and legislation in force and in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is fully and wholly subject to the regulations in force of the authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Article XVII – General Provisions

In the event that any incoming material or clause contained in this Agreement of Use is cancelled or any provision contained in the Agreement of Use is no longer in force, such order shall not invalidate the remaining materials, terms and conditions contained in the Agreement of Use and shall remain in force until further notice from the management of the Dalz Store.
This Agreement of Use, which may be amended from time to time as the case may be, constitutes the Agreement of Use, the mechanism of action, understanding, agreement and contract between the Dal’s Store and the User, and both parties to this Agreement agree to take into account the following.

1. Arabic is the language applicable when interpreting the provisions of this Agreement, or when translating them into another language.
2. All prices displayed on Dalles Store Services or Products may be amended from time to time.
3. Promotions or marketing that DalzeStore may place are temporary, as Dalles Store has the right to modify or discontinue such promotions or marketing at any time.
4. The parties to this Agreement are obliged to deal with each other in a manner that does not contravene the Sharia rules, regulations and laws in force related to the nature of the transaction between the Dalz Store and the User.
5. This Agreement of Use shall only be revoked by virtue of a decision issued by the Dales Store Management.


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