Portable Electronic Fumigator with Black USB Socket


Incense / Oud Fumigator This fumigator is traditionally used to burn incense or wood chips, made of solid plastic and fully reinforced with a solid inner plate using this fumigator and gets rid of old methods of heating hot coal on the stove.

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  • Heat incense to the same temperature as coal up to (400-450 ° C)
  • With the safety feature it turns off automatically after burning incense. (This feature is excellent and makes you feel
  • assured that it is working in the room, car or office and from the side it turns off, to ensure you are safer when you are busy and not following it)
  • Equipped with fans for lifting incense and cooling.
  • Suitable for all types of incense.
  • Incense smoke preserves a high-quality original aroma.
  • It makes incense faster and easier to use than traditional methods.
  • Type-C port is used for charging.
  • 24 Months Warranty


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