When you purchase any product on the Store, your approval of the following terms of service is:

The customer is entitled to recover the products within 3 days or exchange within 5 days of the date of purchase the customer is entitled to recover the products within 3 days or exchange within 5 days of the date of purchase

The product should be in its original state and do not open the carton with its entire accessories and user manual.

The customer will bear the shipping value in the event of replacement or recovery.

Dalz store bears the shipping value in case there is a factory failure or defect in the product

Clarification of policy

If you want to replace or recover a product with no manufacturers defect or defect.

It is comforting to communicate with us via customer service on email –

info@dalzestore.com explaining the order number – invoice – replacement request – refund request.

After the mail arrives, the customer will be contacted for additional information.

You can request the hump through requests in your account or by requesting a replacement/refund

If the product to be replaced is not available, the customer will be contacted if they wish for another product.

An additional amount is calculated when replacing the product with another product at the highest price than the original product.

The product is in its original state and does not open the carton with its entire accessories and user manual.

The length of service from the application date ranges from 10 days to 25 working days.

A percentage of the purchase amount for a particular product is deducted in the event of a refund.

If you want to replace a product or recover with a manufacturer’s defect or defect.

Non-replaceable or refundable products are as follows

  • Opened products are not replaced if a manufacturer’s defect is not proven.
  • Digital products with a specific shipping code account for game balance and the like.
  • Misuse.
  • Do not follow the operating instructions.
  • The product was exposed to water in case it was not against water.
  • make any external maintenance of it.
  • The device is completely or partially disabled if you use an accessory that is not compatible with the device’s characteristics.
  • The product is open in a non-medical condition.

Mechanism of action

A shipping policy is sent to the customer and the customer is expected to deliver the product to the shipping company within 5 days of the date the policy is sent to him. The customer is agreed on the delivery method to the shipping companies with the customer service team according to the policy of each city, and the policy is cancelled if the customer does not deliver the product to the shipping company during this period.

Replacement and refund terms: –

The presence of a defect of manufacturers or a damaged product.
Attach the original invoice.
The product must be wrapped in its original state that is not open and unused.
Provides all accessories and accessories of the original product.
The customer has the right to choose after the Dalz store team has received the product and ensure that it complies with the conditions:
Replace the damaged product with a new product of the same category and of the same value.
Add the value of the product as a balance in your account with the store.
You can apply for replacement/refund through your on-site account or fill out the return product form so that we can serve you. With wishes for a fun shopping experience!!

Delivery information

What areas are support?
We provide delivery to key areas of Saudi Arabia, you can see the main areas
Unfortunately, there are some areas where we cannot connect directly, and there is no delivery service to your home. These out-of-reach areas are mentioned.
We also inform you that if the delivery address is out of range, we will have to ask our valued customers to receive the order from the nearest branch of the shipping company Aramex.
Do you have a shipping service outside Saudi Arabia?
At present, we have a shipping service only within Saudi Arabia, and we strive to deliver our products to all parts of the world in the future, God willing.
Do I have to pay an extra fee for the delivery service?
Delivery is free of charge on all orders if the purchase amount is SR 100 and above. If the purchase amount is less than SR 100, you will have to pay sar 30 shipping service fees.

Why do I have to pay for the shipping cost?

If the purchase amount is less than SR 150, you will have to pay an additional SAR 24 to cover the cost of the shipping company. In the case of orders of more than SR 150, it will be free of charge and we will pay shipping expenses.
How do I communicate with the delivery company Aramex?
By calling their toll-free number 920027447

How long does it take to get to me?

Usually, arrival is within two working days, except on official holidays and holidays.

How do I track the status of my order?

When shipping your order, we send the details of the shipment via email. This message contains the shipment policy number, which consists of a series of several numbers such as “3992789952“, you can use this number to track the status of your shipment via the Aramex Shipping Company website or call their toll-free number 920027447.

The order has not yet reached me, and the period has exceeded the specified delivery period, what to do?
You can call 920027447, email us on info@dalzestore.com or connect via WhatsApp on 00966583583365

What do I do if the product I received is damaged

Dalza’s store staff is very interested in packaging products and making sure they are safe before shipping them, but if the product reaches you in a damaged condition, please let us know immediately through a form that contacts us, emails us on info@dalzestore.com or contacts WhatsApp at 00966583583365.
How do I change my delivery address?
You can fill out a contact form to tell us your correct address, email us on info@dalzestore.com or contact WhatsApp at 00966583583365.

Please be careful to locate you well to avoid problems and delayed delivery of orders.

Cashback mechanism

Dalz’s cashback mechanism if you pay over range, Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer.

The amount is refunded via the card and in some cases it is banked to the customer’s account.

In the event of a bank refund, an additional amount may be calculated as a bank fee.

The length of service from the application date ranges from 10 days to 30 working days.

The Dales Store has the right to edit or add on this page as it deems appropriate.

The customer must follow and read the policies within the store periodically.

Dalzestore is always at your service.